About Freewrite.Online

What Freewriting is

Freewriting (More info on history, etc at wikipedia) is a activity that helps a writer get in the habit of writing without pause. It also can clear the head of any distracting thoughts or ideas that are blocking the writer that day. Think of it as Drano for your writers block.

To freewrite simply write without pause, without editing, without the usual critical eye. Just write. Free. The goal is to practice letting your inner voice out without constraint. Usually you don't save your freewrite, the goal is not to produce something.

What freewrite.online is

This is a site the helps you with the process. You provide your email, a goal and whether or not you want to be provided a random writing prompt from reddit/r/writingprompts. We time you and if you complete it save _only_ how many words you wrote, what your target was, and if you had a writing prompt or not. The writing itself is not preserved. You can see your stats as you progress over time if you use your email for each freewrite. Your email is not used for any other purpose other than as a unique identifier. We will not share it with anyone ever.

Why you should do it

If you are a writer, writing every day is vital. Some days you only have a few minutes, and some days you are blocked, the juices aren't flowing.

Freewriting every day for 10 minutes helps ease you through those difficulties and keep the momentum going no matter what. You are what you do every day.

How to use this site

  • Go to the FreeWrite! tab
  • Enter your email into the user box
  • Choose a target
  • Click inside the Write! box and start typing

Why I made it

I was looking for a tool to time my freewrites and keep track of the metadata. I couldn't find one i liked, so I made one. I like sharing.

Who do think I am anyway?

Some guy who writes code and fiction, sometimes on the same day but never at the same time.